Warner's Safe Yeast Lithograph, Warner's Safe Yeast Co., Rochester, N.Y. Circa 1900

The Warner Safe Cure Company in Rochester, New York was a prolific seller of medicinal products designed to cure so many diseases which truly were not cured for almost 100 years after their product claimed it cured those ailments. Strangely enough some of those same cures are still not cured even today by modern medicine. However, Warner’s were ahead of their time, LOL, or at least their advertising claims were. This particular lithograph features a pair of native American Indians in a canoe paddling down a treacherous river. Interestingly the company used both of their famous products in the same ad, i.e. Safe Cure, and Safe Yeast, the newer Yeast product hoping to capitalize on the fame of their original product I would suspect.

The H.H. Warner Company used Indians in their advertising quite often, simply because their product was a concoction of herbs, twigs, bark, berries and other vegetation used by the Indians for many years before the invention of modern medicines. The company was located in downtown Rochester, N.Y., and the business flourished for years. Today collectors can find cardboard containers occasionally with the companies claims on those boxes, or some paper label glass bottles with the same claims on the labels, along with the companies name and location. Medicinal snake oil type of products are highly collected today, and the Warner products are certainly desired by many collectors today.