Sharples Tubular Cream Separator Self-Framed Tin Sign. West Chester, PA & Chicago, IL. Ca. 1905

Featured is a beautiful self framed tin sign from the Sharples Tubular Separator Company, which had factories in both Chicago, Illinois and West Chester, Pennsylvania around 1900. I have always loved this sign, as the image shows a young girl standing by her mother I would assume just wanting to help with the chore.   Of perhaps she wants a glass of the newly separated milk product?    Either way, the young girl has her hand on the crank handle and appears to be helping mom with the turning of the handle.   The background features both milk bottles in a wooden crate and some cream or milk cans too!

The Sharples Separator Works was based in West Chester, PA for the companies primary office.  Their product was the first U.S. based cream separator on the market.  Today the former company complex is based in the Gumas Warehouse and Kauffman Warehouse, and it remains a large part of the historic West Chester, PA area.  Most of the buildings were built between 1890 and 1909.