Sterling Super Bru Tin Pennant Beer Sign, Evansville, IN. Circa 1930's

Featured is one of my favorite pennant signs, this one from the Evansville, Indiana based Sterling Brewery, for their Prohibition era Super-Bru brand of alcoholic brewing beer drink. The colors on this sign have always attracted the attention of colors, as the green is a rather unique color from beer brands. The addition of a nice label beer bottle with the crown cap fill out the design. Shaped like a sports pennant somewhat, the sign has curled or rolled edges on both ends of the sign itself. The logo “leisurely aged always” is one that I have not seen on any other beer related brewery advertising pieces.

The Sterling Brewery was an institution in Evansville for over 100 years. Starting in 1863, the brewery was still selling a lot of beer well into the 1970’s as one of the Midwest larger regional selling brands. Finally owned by the Pittsburgh Brewing Company which bought out a lot of larger and mid-size regional brewers, finally shelved the brand in the early 2000’s. Today I would not be surprised to the see the brand resurrected like so many other beer labels, however, I know of no plans to start brewing Sterling again at this time.