Marrowford Red Blood Drink Syrup Dispenser

Drink Marrowfood, Makes Rich Red Blood Syrup Dispenser, Circa 1915

Drink Marrowfood, Makes Rich Red Blood Syrup Soda Dispenser, Circa 1915

1900 Victorian Print for Lohr Lemon Soda and Champagne Cider


A beautiful Victorian cardboard diecut lithographic print dated 1900 from the Andrew Lohr Bottling Company, in Cairo, IL. This print shows a blob style and a crown top bottle with Lemon Soda and Champagne Cider on the two labels.

Clem's Orange Soda Tin Sign, Malvern, AR. CIrca 1950

Clem’s Orange Soda Tin Sign, Malvern, AR. Circa 1950’s

This tin sign advertised the Clem Bottling Works Orange Soda brand. The Clem Bottling Works was based in Malvern, Arkansas and the orange soda flavor was their top seller.

True Fruit Syrup Self Framed Tin Sign, Rochester, NY

True Fruit Syrup Company, Rochester, N.Y. Self-Framed Tin Sign, Circa 1900

This is a beautiful self-framed tin ornate tin sign from the True Fruit Syrup Company in Rochester, NY. The True Fruit Company provided all types of flavored syrups to soda fountains across the eastern U.S

Buscho Cereal Beverage Tin Sign, John B. Busch Brewing Co., Washington, MO. Circa 1918

Buscho Non-Intoxicating Cereal Beverage Aluminum Sign, John Busch Brewery, Washington, MO. Circa 1919

A great prohibition era cereal beverage sign for the Buscho brand manufactured by the John B. Busch Brewing Company in Washington, MO. Circa 1919. The Buscho brand was introduced at the beginning of prohibition as a soda alternative.

1890- 1940 Hutch & ACL Soda Bottles

Hutchinson & ACL Painted Label Soda Bottles, Waterloo, Millstadt, & Valmeyer, IL. Circa 1890-1942

This is a collection of various soda bottles from the towns of Waterloo, Millstadt and Valmeyer, Illinois. The Charles Boeke bottle from Waterloo, IL is a Hutchinson or “hutch” style soda bottle which would have required a porcelain stopper in the top held in place by the wire bail

Kolabru Metal Sign, Michael Schlesinger Bottling Works

KolaBru Porcelain Soda Sign. R.M. Schlesinger Bottling Works, New Athens, IL. Circa 1925

Pictured is a beautiful porcelain sign advertising the Pleasing and Refreshing Kola Bru brand made by the Richard M. Schlesinger Bottling Works in New Athens, Illinois. Circa 1925. The Schlesinger soda company started in New Athens in the 1880’s by Richard’s father Michael and the family remained in business until the 1950’s.

Anheuser Busch Ginger Ale Sign

Anheuser-Busch Pale Dry Ginger Ale Cardboard Sign. Pre-Prohibition Era. Circa 1916

A fantastic example of the Anheuser-Busch companies attempt to stay in business during Prohibition when they manufactured this Ginger Ale Soda cardboard sign. The sign also incorporates their well known AB Eagle logo and the Budweiser Beer brand.

1940's Vess Metal Soda Thermometer

Vess Soda Metal Thermometer, Billion Bubble Beverage. Circa 1940’s

A nice Vess soda indoor or outdoor tin metal thermometer which would have been displayed at a grocery store or confectionary, Circa 1940’s. The Vess Soda company was founded in 1916 and was a soft drink brand manufactured in St. Louis, Mo.

Pepsi-Cola Wooden Carrying Crates 1960's

Pepsi-Cola Wooden Carrying Crates 1960’s

These are two Pepsi-Cola wooden carrying crates made of sturdy wood slats and feature cutout handles, made in the 1960’s.