Wm. Simon Brewery, ROG Sign, Simon Pure Beer, Buffalo, N.Y.

Featured is a beautiful Reverse on Glass advertising sign from the William Simon Brewery which was based in Buffalo, New York, prior to the prohibition era.  This particular ROG sign advertises their flagship Simon Pure Brand, which remained the companies flagship brand even after prohibition ended in 1933.    The Simon Pure brand was essentially a lager beer style of beer, indicative of the Buffalo regions German heritage, which populated Buffalo around 1900, making it one of the largest cities in the U.S at the time.  This particular sign contents the breweries eagle wing emblem which was associated with the brand until its demise in the 1970’s.

The Simon Brewery remained in Buffalo until 1972, when it finally closed due to national competition before the microbrewery started again 30 years later.     The Simon Pure Brewery stood on a two acre lot at the corner of Clinton and Emslie Streets in the city of Buffalo.   Originally named the Schusler Brewery, William Simon bought out the brewery he worked for and renamed it the Wm. Simon Brewery around 1900.   He was obviously very successful, as his business and main lager beer brand lasted for almost 75 years in the upstate N.Y. area.