Warren's Featherbone Corset Reverse on Glass Sign, Three Oaks, MI. Ca. 1900

This stunning reverse on glass advertising sign comes from The Edward Warren Featherbone Company, founded in 1883 in Three Oaks, Michigan, very near the Indiana border and Lake Michigan.  The Warren brand was a huge seller, and was well known for using huge stiff feather quills in their line of woman’s undergarments.   Although Mr. Warren died in 1919, the company remained in business selling these type of goods for many more years.    Even today the company is still in business, having evolved now into a healthcare and educational product company.   The original offices of Edward Warrens business are also still standing, now a National Historical Register Landmark in Three Oaks.  The sign shown here was made by the Townsend Hostetter & Company in Chicago, IL.