Jic Jac Soda Cans 1950

These are Jic Jac Root Beer, Orange and Grape soda cans with a cone top style. Jic Jac is a vintage soda brand that was manufactured by the Jic Jac Company of St. Louis, Missouri starting in the 1950’s. They produced multiple soda flavors through the mid-1970’s. 

At the time, Jic Jac had well-known advertising slogans such as “Just say Jic Jac” and “Pick a Pack of Jic Jac”.  Jic Jac was a popular regional soda that was successful in the U.S.  but eventually lost out to larger soda brands. These cone tops style soda cans are very hard to find today.

Jic Jac Soda Cans