Indianapolis Brewing Company Self-Framed Tin Sign, St. Louis 1904 World's Fair Winner. Circa 1905

This spectacular self framed tin sign from the Indianapolis Brewing Company was put out to commemorate the breweries award winning success at the St. Louis 1904 Worlds Fair event.    This metal sign has an image of a goddess like creature with a building which is possible the fine arts building and certainly shows the Grand Basin on the Saint Louis Worlds Fairground site as well.   The sign advertises three of their brands, Progress, Hoosier, and Dusseldorfer brands of beer.    Dusseldorfer was awarded the Gold Medal at the fair as the company proudly proclaims on this sign.  Unfortunately with prohibition coming soon, the company could only celebrate for 15 short years before prohibition was signed into law in 1919, ending the breweries business once and for all.