Parrott-Taggart Bakery, Cracker Label, Indianapolis, IN.

I have always enjoyed the logo incorporated here by the Parrott-Taggart Baking Company in Indianapolis, IN.   After all, who couldn’t enjoy seeing a smiling moon looking pretty content eating a cracker?   Similar to the pictured advertising label which was placed on the side of a wooden cracker crate, the company extensively used an image of a moon with a cracker on their cracker and cake advertising items.   The moon used in their advertising items always has a very human face.   Why a moon with stars shining around it would be wanting to eat a cracker snack late at night is unknown to me.   But it makes for an interesting advertising concept nonetheless.

Alexander Taggart immigrated to the U.S. shortly after the Civil War and started his first bakery in 1869.   Together with Burton Parrott, the two created a booming business which later became the United States Baking Company.  This too would change names when the company merged with the National Biscuit Company to form what was eventually known as Nabisco.

However, Mr. Taggart would not be done just yet.   Around 1904 he founded the Taggart Baking Company, and soon became known for his Jersey Butter Crackers.   However, he also made a lot of bread, and even opened up a business where his bread would be served with sandwiches.   The bread was so popular it had almost a cult-like following.  But it did not have a brand name.   About 1920 Mr. Taggart named the bread “Wonder Bread”, and the rest is history.   The bread was so popular Mr. Taggart new business was bought out the Continental Baking Company.   When Wonder Bread became the first sliced bread in the U.S., sales took off and the bread became the largest selling brand in the U.S.   Fortunately for collectors many very nice early advertising pieces remain today from Mr. Taggart’s business empire.