MO History Museum - Antique Coffee Collectibles Exhibit: 10/3-15- 1/3/16

MO History Museum – Antique Coffee Collectibles Exhibit: 10/3-15- 1/3/16

If you have an interest in coffee’s rich history in St. Louis, you’ll want to visit the historic exhibit:  Missouri History Museum, Coffee: The World in Your Cup  in St. Louis, Missouri. I have been honored to speak at this Opening Day on Sunday Oct. 4th. I will be presenting “St. Louis Percolates to the Top: A Peek at Historic Coffee Advertising Collectibles” at 1pm in the AT&T Foundation Multipurpose Room at the Missouri History Museum. It will be include a review about the history of coffee in St. Louis and I”ll share some rare coffee collectibles and antique advertising relics from the 1800s to early 1900s.Missouri History Museum

The entire exhibit Coffee: The World in Your Cup will run Oct 3, 2015 through Jan 3, 2016 and will explore how coffee—one of the world’s most widely traded commodities—affects cultures, economies, and environments around the world. The history of coffee is rich and complex, both globally and in St. Louis. In the Coffee exhibit, you’ll follow coffee’s journey from plantation to your cup in St. Louis, and meet some interesting people along the way. You’ll also learn global stories about how coffee is grown and harvested.

Antique Coffee Collectibles 1900- 1920's

Antique Coffee Collectibles 1900- 1920’s

To learn more about Antique Coffee Collectibles, visit Antique Advertising Expert – Coffee Collectibles .

Elgin National Coffee Grinder, 1875-1900

Elgin National Coffee Grinder, 1875-1900

Antique advertising for coffee collectibles and tea relics are highly prized. Some of the most popular types of coffee collectibles are antique coffee grinders and mills, percolators and pots, and large general store coffee storage bins with scoops. Other important memorabilia are coffee cans, mugs and cups, signs and tins. Significant brands were Fat Boy, Chase & Sanborn, Folgers, R. Buckle, Woolson, and regional brands such as C.F. Blanke’s Coffee & Spice and Steinwender-Stoffregen. In general, the coffee products advertised the company’s name and logo designs.