Rheingold Beer, Olean, N.Y. Brewing Tray, Ca 1900

The Olean New York Brewing Company certainly understood the value of advertising when the put out this square Rheingold Beer on their original metal tray.  It is well known with most marketers that animals, babies and you kids sell the best, as they get peoples attention oftentimes.   Who can resist not looking up when a baby starts to make noises in the house, whether good or bad.  Hence, having someone watch more once they see one of the categories above simply converts into more sales most likely.

The Olean Brewing Company recognizes the important of keeping the history alive with the new craft beer movement moving full steam ahead. The use of a bulldog emulates strength, and was a favorite of early advertisers, especially in the pre-pro era.  This particular tray is in great shape, and is from the 1910 era.