T & K Coffee Pot, Thurston & Kingsbury, Bangor, ME, Trade Sign Three Dimensional Coffee Pot

This amazing die-cut style tin coffee pot sign by the T & K Coffee Company is one of the more incredible pieces I have seen in a long time.  The T & K Brand was made by The Thurston and Kingsbury Coffee Company which was based in Bangor, ME.  I suspect this style sign was commissioned by T & K, and each sign was simply personalized to be displayed at the local store which was selling their products.  I would guess The Thurston and Kingsbury Coffee Company probably arranged for a small number of these to be made by one of the large sign companies of the day.   I also suspect the number of coffee pot signs produced would be less than 250 most likely.   Over the years most if not all but this remaining examples have either been destroyed or thrown away.

The F. P. Cook Grocer Company was based in Newport, ME and the store was open from as early as 1900 through at least 1914 or possibly later.  Records online show Mr. Cook’s store was actually both a retail grocer and a confectionery.   It is apparent Mr. Cook also sold T & K Coffee at his location.  This is easy to understand since Bangor and Newport are only 28 miles apart.

I would guess this sign is probably a one of a kind and was done by the company who made T&K Coffee.  The Thurston and Kingsbury (T&K) Coffee Company was based in Bangor, Maine.