John Horting Safe Old Whiskey Sign, Lancaster, PA. Circa 1900

This very early reverse on glass sign from the pre-prohibition era is one I really like as it utilizes a play on word by incorporating a free standing safe image into the Horting’s Old Safe Whiskey brand sign!   I love the old style safe, a style which has not been made for years, but which was very popular around 1900.   Of course the safe conveniently stores John Horting’s whiskey in the safe in the image!

The John Horting Distillery was located at 142 Queen Street for many years in Lancaster, PA.  The Old Safe Whiskey Brand was their flagship brand,   However, they sold the Colonial Pure Rye Whiskey brand also, which was also a prolific selling brand at the time.  They also sold Lititz Spring Waters as well.   John Horting started his distillery in Lancaster in 1893, but like so many other pre-pro era liquor manufacturers, the start of prohibition ended his business reign.  Today his memories lives through pieces like this ROG sign left behind for us to admire.