Henry Hunter Rye Whiskey, A. Hirshman & Co. Sign, St. Paul, MN. Circa 1900

I find this lithographic sign very interesting. A toast is being given between the bartender, a top hatted man dressed to kill, and what appears to be a female cowgirl in an early western style bar saloon. This pre-prohibition era advertisement is very colorful and features a slogan “Here’s Oh” which is denoted for the cheers they are doing as they take a swig of A. Hirshman Company whiskey undoubtedly. The Henry Hunter brand was not a big seller for the company considering I cannot find much advertising on this brand compared to their Minnesota Club rye whiskey brand.

Not much is known about the A. Hirschman Company, but it is obvious their flagship brand was Minnesota Club brand of whiskey. Today collectors can find many ads from the company prior to prohibition with the Minnesota Club logo, and also trays with their paper label whiskey bottle clearly captioned to help recall of the brand. I cannot find any information which mentions Mr. Hirschman re-emergence after prohibition ended in 1933, so I can only assume he was older by this time, or perhaps had passed away during the dark years of prohibition.