I have always enjoyed a good advertising item from a smaller regional player such as a liquor wholesaler.   For a company to produce a piece like this C.A. Feisst Wholesale Liquor Dealer serving tray, they had to have a significant business.  Typically you see advertising items like this from the actual manufacturer, and a distributor or wholesaler like C.A. Feisst would have simply given away trays with the companies products from whom they distributed.   This interesting tray features a scene calling itself “The Dice Throwers” and has four men at a table smoking, drinking and betting as tey dice fly across the table.   The wall has a plaque with the C.A. Feisst Liquor Company on it, while the bottle on the table has a label for Roland Rye.

The C.A. Feisst Company was located at 202 N. Third Street in Watertown, WI.   Early advertisements for the company proudly proclaim their fine liquors and imported wine lines.   Charles Feisst started the business in 1897 with a partner, Simon Molzhahn, but he quickly took over and was the sole proprietor.  The company remained in business until prohibition ended their enterprise in 1920. However, Charles Feisst was also involved as an owner and the Navigating Officer of of a local steam launch ship which took guests around a lake during many Wisconsin summers.