Bluff City ROG Round Corner Sign, Alton, IL. Ca. 1900

Bluff City Brewery Reverse-on-Glass Corner Sign 1890

This is a Reverse-on-Glass corner sign from the Bluff City Brewery in Alton, Illinois circa 1890. It has a vibrant seven-color design.

Lemp Green ROG Lager Sign, St. Louis, MO. Circa 1900

Lemp Brewery Lager Beer Reverse-On-Glass Sign 1895

This is a stunning reverse-on-glass Lager Beer sign manufactured by Wm. J Lemp Brewing Company, circa 1895. This unique Breweriana advertising sign is considered very rare and to date it is the only one known to exist.

Stag Beer Lithograph Patriotic Woman, Madison, IL

Stag Beer Lithograph 1940

This is a Stag Beer vintage lithograph sign that features the United States flag and was manufactured by the Griesedieck Western Brewery Company in Belleville, IL., Circa 1940.

Anheuser-Busch Malt-Nutrine Self-Framed Tin Sign 1905

Anheuser-Busch Malt-Nutrine Tin Sign 1905

This is an Anheuser-Busch Malt-Nutrine Tin Sign, Circa 1905. It’s a self-framed tin sign with an image of women and “winged cherub” babies. This advertising sign “The Fountain of Health” was likely displayed in a doctor’s office and is considered fairly rare.

Columbia Brewing Co, Weiss Beer Green Teepee Bottle, St. Louis, MO

Columbia Brewing Co Weiss Beer Bottle 1885

Columbia Brewing Co Weiss Beer Bottle 1885. This is a mint green colored beer bottle produced by the Columbia Brewery Company.

Burton Ale & Porter Brewing Co, Wm Kiefer Saloon Stoneware Mug, St. Louis, MO

Burton Ale & Porter Brewing Co, Wm Kiefer Saloon Stoneware Mug, St. Louis, MO

Circa 1900 Stoneware Mug from the Burton Ale and Porter Brewing Company in Saint Louis Missouri. Also pictured is a saloon stoneware advertising mug from the William Wm Kiefer Saloon, also in St. Louis, MO. These are both very hard to find. The Burton Ale and Porter company was only in business for two years from 1898-1900 before it went out of business. Pre-Prohibition mugs.

EMS Brewing Co, Cardboad Sign, E. St. Louis, IL

EMS Brewing Co, Cardboad Beer Sign, E. St. Louis, IL

Nick Ems Brewing Company Cardboard Sign with his EMS Beer Brand. Mr. Ems named the brewery after himself and the beer too. Their Logo of “EMS is the Word” must have been pretty poorly received as he was out of business two years later. Hence the 1945-1947 time period for this piece. Wood beer crates for EMS beer are still found quite regularly in the surrounding St. Louis Marketplace.

Central Brewery Advertising Calendar1903, E. St. Louis, IL

Central Brewing Company, 1903 Lithographic Calendar, E. St. Louis, IL

Advertising lithographic calendar from the Central Brewing Company in East St Louis, IL. Major competitor to Heim, Griesedieck Western and Star Breweries in Belleville IL and Anheuser Busch across the river in Saint Louis MO. 1903

Columbia Brewing Co Banner Beer Pewter lidded Beer Stein, St. Louis, MO

Columbia Brewing Co Banner Beer Pewter Lidded Beer Stein 1904

Columbia Brewing Company Beer mug, thought to have been used during the St. Louis Worlds Fair in 1904 as the Columbia Brewing Company had a large display and brought out their Alpen Brau label at this event. This mug is hand painted and features a pewter lid. Ca 1904

Wagner Beer Porcelain Sign, Granite City, IL

Wagner Beer Porcelain Sign, Granite City, IL, 1935

This is an enamel porcelain sign from the Illinois Wagner Brewery located in Granite City, Illinois, circa 1935.