Export Beer Fischbach Brewery, St. Charles, MO 1950s

Export Beer Labrador Retriever Sign, Fischbach Co., St. Charles, MO 1950

This is a rare Export Beer cardboard sign from the Fischbach Brewing Company in Saint Charles, MO, 1950. This sign features a Labrador Retriever.

Wagner Brewery Beer Granite City, IL Porcelain Sign 1935

Wagner Beer Porcelain Sign, Granite City, IL 1915

This is a rare porcelain beer sign from the Wagner Brewery in Granite City, Illinois, 1915.

Stern Brau Beer Star-Peerless Brewery Tin Sign 1930s

Stern Brau Beer Sign, Star-Peerless Brewery, Belleville, IL 1935

This is a rare Stern Brau Beer sign made by the Star-Peerless Brewery in Belleville, Illinois, 1935

Hyde Park Beer Bottle AM Radio 1940s

Hyde Park Beer Radio, St. Louis, MO 1940

This is a rare advertising relic; an AM radio shaped like a beer bottle made by the Hyde Park Brewery in St. Louis, MO, 1940.

A Rare Falstaff Beer Lithograph 1907

A Falstaff Beer Lithograph from The Lemp Brewing Co 1907

This is a rare colorful lithograph print advertisement made for the William J. Lemp Brewing Company of St. Louis, Missouri produced in 1907.

Lemp Brewing Co Tin Charger Tray

William J. Lemp Brewing Co Tin Charger 1917

This is a tin charger made for the William J. Lemp Brewing Company, St. Louis, Mo in 1917. It is one of a series of six Lemp Brewing Co. metal chargers distributed from 1903-1917.

American Brewing Company Temple of Commerce Tray

A.B.C. Beer “Temple of Commerce” Serving Tray 1905

This is the “Temple of Commerce” beer serving tray manufactured by the American Brewing Company (A.B.C.) based in St. Louis, Missouri, circa 1905.

American Brewing Co Enamel Sign 1900

American Brewing Company Enamel Porcelain Corner Sign 1900

This is an enamel porcelain corner sign made by the American Brewing Company (A.B.C.) based in St. Louis, Missouri, circa 1900.

Cherokee Brewery Salt-Glazed Beer Stein 1890 St. Louis, MO

Cherokee Brewery Salt-Glazed Stoneware Beer Stein 1890

This is a salt-glazed stoneware beer stein manufactured by The Cherokee Brewery located in St. Louis, MO in 1890.

Bluff City Brewery Corner Sign From Alton, IL 1890

Bluff City Brewery Reverse-on-Glass Corner Sign 1890

This is a Reverse-on-Glass corner sign from the Bluff City Brewery in Alton, Illinois circa 1890. It has a vibrant seven-color design.