Huey & Christ Bailey's Pure Rye Self Framed Tin Sign, Philadelphia, PA. Ca. 1900

Featured here is a beautiful self-framed tin sign from the Huey and Christ Whiskey Distilling Company out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Bailey’s Pure Rye was the companies flagship brand, and their slogan of “Good For a Lifetime” was used for years with this product. It is not surprising the company used a colonial America looking image given the rich history of the Philly area and the start of American history. This self framed tin sign was most likely made by the Meek and Beach Company from Coshocton, OH, which made a lot of designs but was notorious for this particular style around 1900.

William Huey and Amos Christ formed a partnership around 1875 in Philadelphia it appears, although some of the early history has a date of 1837 quoted, which is ironic as neither of them was born before then? I guess it is possible they bought another company and used their original companies founding date? However, the firm name of Huey and Christ was cemented much later in the 1870’s. The firm was originally located at 121 North Third Street, however within ten years they had moved to the 1200 block of Market, a location which saw the company thrive and become one of the cities biggest distillers. The companies flagship brand was the Bailey Pure Rye whiskey product, however, they also produced Dr. Stoever’s Tonic Herb Bitters. The company also imported brandy, gin and wine too. Both of the partners died before prohibition started, and an era of the company ended officially in 1919 with the passing of prohibition.