One of the more intriguing advertising items I have found recently was the use of a peacock by the August Schell Brewing Company of New Ulm, MN for their Malt Prohibition era drink. This beautiful lithograph features a pretty young woman staring admirably at a beautiful peacock which is standing next to her.   Why the Schell Brewery used this image is unknown to me.   I have not found any other peacock images on any beer related advertising items to date.   Some animals were used extensively in beer advertising, and some animals are synonymous with certain types of beer. For example, goats have been used in Bock Beer advertising for hundreds of years and can be found readily in many different brewery ads.   But a peacock?   Not so, and unfortunately I do not have an answer.   I can only assume the brewery simply liked the image, and had hoped the beauty of the print would remain hanging for a long time in saloons and homes alike.   If any of my readers would know the relevance of alcohol and a peacock I would love to hear from you. Perhaps the mystery will be solved one day, if indeed there is a correlation at all.

The August Schell Brewery started in 1860 when it was founded by Mr. Schell. August Schell initially started a mill when he moved to New Ulm, but became a brewer shortly thereafter.   Fortunately for him, his success allowed the brewery to thrive, and the family has owned the brewery ever since.   After the 2002 purchase of the Grain Belt Beer brand from Minneapolis, the Schell Brewery became the largest brewery in Minnesota, and is now the second oldest continually running brewery in the United States, only following the Yuengling Brewery in Pottsville, PA.