Foster Hose Lithograph Sign, Foster Hose Supporter Co., Chicago, IL. Ca. 1900

I love this advertising sign because it has always been a great conversation piece for both collectors and non-collectors.   The colorful image at first glance reminds me of a woman with a butterfly wing like appearance, perhaps coming out of her cocoon?  While the eye typically goes to the top of the image, a closer look reveals four leg like belts hanging down below her waist, a spot typically reserved for the legs!   Why the illustrator decided the image did not need legs is unknown, but the hanging belts certainly look like legs to me!


The Foster Hose Supporter Company, 8911 Cottage Grove Avenue, Chicago, IL

The Foster Hose Supporter Company was a very prominent seller of woman’s undergarments in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.   The company was one of the premier merchandisers of women’s lingerie.   Their 100+ year old ads can be found easily today with a google search proclaiming their products ability to “Give and Keep a Perfect Figure” for the buyer.   Some ads boldly proclaim this brand of hose “Permanently Reduces the Abdomen”.    Today these claims would be questioned for their brazenness, but in those days, it was the Wild, Wild West in advertising and many advertising claims were allowed which would not be allowed today.